Sharing adventures in the mountains with friends

Mike Arnold and Rob Coppolillo founded Vetta Mountain Guides in the fall of 2014, just weeks after passing their final exam to earn international certification through the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA). They spent years training and working together, ultimately passing each of their rock, alpine, and ski exams on the first try. The pair were amongst the first 100 Americans to earn their IFMGA certification--or "pin" as it's called because of the small, silver medallion internationally certified guides wear while working.

family on ferry to lopez.JPG

Mike has since moved to Italy, settling in Aosta with his fiancee. Rob and Mike continue to work together and refer guests back and forth. If you're headed to the Alps, let us know and we'll connect you with Mike for an unbelievable adventure. 

Back in the States, Vetta continues its tradition of creating fun, memorable days in the mountains. We believe in a partnership between guide and guest, one based on safety, respect, fun, and meaningful time spent on rock, ice, and snow. 

Drop us a line and we'll get started on organizing your dream day in the hills, whether it's avalanche education, a skills clinic, or just a fabulous route or ski tour in a beautiful setting. Be in touch and let's make it happen.