Alpine  & Ice Climbing

High peaks, frozen waterfalls, and daunting glaciers -- the alpine makes for some of the most dramatic landscapes we encounter. Getting onto high ground, though, takes a careful, considered approach. Alpine terrain demands a lot from a guide; there are often more variables than the rock or ski disciplines. Crevasse hazard, weather, rockfall, route finding, snow conditions, and the sheer enormity of the terrain -- that's why venturing into the alpine with a certified guide is a good idea.

Mike and Rob have had the luxury of learning, growing, and making the occasional mistake with safe, skilled, and supportive mentors watching out for us -- those of the American Mountain Guides Association and our own individual mentors. Years of apprenticeship prepared us for our final exams, which both of us passed on the first go. Phew! Rest assured, though, venturing into alpine terrain with a certified guide is a safe, efficient, and fun way to get into the goods. 

Colorado's 14ers, like Capitol and the Maroon Bells, are wonderful objectives on their own. Complicated route finding, exposed ridges, loose rock, and long days force us to earn their summits. These peaks also make effective training grounds for venturing to the greater ranges in Europe and Asia. 

Rocky Mountain National Park is another gem, right here in our backyard. Ephemeral ice routes, stout alpine rock climbs, and long, serpentine gully climbs give the Park a committing, wild vibe. Interested in getting farther afield? The European Alps are where it all began. You won't believe the routes climbers established back in the 1930s, '40s and beyond. Beautiful and challenging, even by today's standards! Alaska and Canada? Absolutely!

Make a careful choice when planning a day in the big mountains. We'd love the opportunity to chat with you about your goals and interests. Let us sell you on the idea of a day spent with Vetta Mountain Guides ... in the alpine!