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Ski & Ski Mountaineering

Few things make us feel like deep snow, an untracked slope, and friends with whom to share it. Skiing -- one of the world's great marvels! Mike grew up ski racing in Maine, Canada, and New England. At one point he was a nationally ranked junior, but he's since reformed himself and now he carves tracks in soft snow from Alaska's Ruth Gorge to secret stashes in South Tyrol. Rob spent his youth chasing powder in the Colorado Rockies, working in a department store on Saturdays so he and his buddies could get turns on Sunday. Mary Jane cost $26 a day and I-70 was deserted. The Golden Age! 

Ski Mountaineering is relatively new to Americans, but it marries the commitment and excitement of steep skiing with the grandeur and ambition of alpine climbing. Bagging summits, exploring couloirs, opening new lines -- these are just a few of the components of "skimo." Venturing into this flavor of skiing requires additional skills, including cramponing, the effective use of an ice ax, fundamental rope work, and ongoing expertise in evaluating snow conditions. Looking to learn? You're in the right place! 

Rob and Mike passed their AMGA ski exam in the big terrain of Rogers Pass, British Columbia. They're both fully certified in the ski discipline.