Pricing and Tips

Vetta custom-designs your adventure, after having talked with you about your goals, your experience, and what kind of fun you're looking for. A day of backcountry skiing, but with a (simulated!) avalanche rescue thrown in? Done. Birthday celebration at the top of a climb? No sweat; we'll even sing. A six-day intro to alpinism, culminating in a climb of Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc? Absolutely! 

Our prices for domestic climbing, for a "regular" day (6-8 hours), are $375 for a single guest, $450 for two guests, and $500 for three. For most multipitch climbing, 3 climbers is about the max we can do. For a full day of toproping, we can go up to 6 climbers per guide ($550 for four guests; $600 for 5-6 guests).  Our half-day rates run $200 for a single guest; $300 for 2; $405 for 3; $480 for 4; $500 for 5-6 ). Our guiding ratios change depending upon the objective, so let's talk about where we're headed. 

Internationally, we usually guide at $550USD per day, which includes our lodging, hut fees, personal expenses, and day rate. This might change depending upon objectives, how many days we book together, and whether or not we're already "in country." 

If we're "guest-guiding," which simply means working on another company's permit, then pricing can change, depending upon the host company's fees, rates, and guest-guiding program. We'll talk you through it and let you know what's happening and why. The US has a fairly Byzantine system of permits, land agencies, and insurance coverage, so let us know if you'd rather not hear the details. 

Tipping. Yes, we appreciate tips and mountain guides work hard to earn them. If you enjoy your day, see your guide doing a bit extra, feel taken care of, then we thank you kindly for something at the end of our adventure!

Please plan ahead to avoid any financial stress due to injury, unforeseen circumstances, or illness. Visit our Cancellations and Refunds page and familiarize yourself with how we handle changes and cancellations. We strongly suggest trip insurance, too, and you can find a link to a provider here